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Time Warner Cable

Full-time CQ5 Senior Consultant for Time Warner Cable, a leading provider of Internet, phone, television content, and home security services in the USA.

Provided consultation services on behalf of Adobe, to migrate TWC's multitude of web properties, digital assets and databases, into a responsive design, utilizing CQ5....see more details >>

Sunsweet® SunSweet

Web Developer for the Sunsweet brand of sites:,,,, & the Health Professionals microsite. Work provided through Nice Advertising.

Produced pages, email blasts & eNewsletters from provided assets, utilizing HTML4, CSS3 & Photoshop. Creation & integration of form in HTML, SQL & PHP....see more details >>

ECGroup The Economic Competitiveness Group

Contracted to remake a virtually dead site into a modern, versatile & functional website for ECG, global economic advisors & consultants, specializing in "Cluster" economic strategies.

One hundred percent original design & completely developed from head-to-toe, utilizing XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript including jQuery library, organic SEO, Google Tracking & Analytics....see more details >>

John Muir Health John Muir Health

Contracted to assist in building a 1,200+ page site for John Muir Health, a non-profit, health care leader in the East Bay area. Two month contract extended to eight months.

Created web pages using CMS (Day CQ5) plus hand-coded HTML & CSS. Also created CSS override for vendor Relay Health's SaaS web site, as well as HTML eNewsletters & email blasts.....see more details >>

Del Monte® Del Monte

Created a quick-turnaround, low-cost microsite for mega brand Del Monte as an independent web designer contractor through, Nice Advertising, a San Francisco ad agency.

Produced eighteen web pages from PDF mock-ups, image assets & online recipes, utilizing XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript & Photoshop. Creation of jQuery carousel & Orangoo Labs pop-up....see more details >>

Villas in Vinaroz

Remaking table-based, outdated site into a modern, & functional website for a Real Estate client in the Netherlands, promoting Villa's in Vinaroz, Spain. Text in Dutch.

Completely redesigned utilizing templated HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript including jQuery, plus Photoshop & organic SEO....see more details >>

Stringer Executive Search Stringer Executive Search

Contracted by Novotus to create an original, quick turn-around web site for Stringer Executive Search, a C-level recruiting firm in Austin, TX.

Utilized hand-coded XHTML & CSS3 plus JavaScript. Optimized graphics with Photoshop, & integrated Novotus' enterprise-class indexing software....see more details >>

QuickArrow QuickArrow

Brought in to backfill & hired to full-time as Web Designer & Brand Manager for QuickArrow a SaaS vendor in Austin, TX.

Utilized hand-coded HTML4 & CSS3 plus JavaScript, XML in an ASP environment. Produced HTML emails. Utilized Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash & Illustrator. Researched and integrated chat and eStore....see more details >>

Joy Custom Homes Joy Custom Homes

Designed & Produced an original web site for Joy Custom Homes, a remodeller & custom home builder in San Antonio, TX.

Hand-coded W3C compliant XHTML, CSS3 & JavaScript. Optimized graphics. Created logo, layout & print collateral. Set up hosting, tracking, email & social media page....see more details >>

Dokana Dokana Windows and Doors

Produced an original web site for Dokana, a window & door manufacturer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hand-coded W3C compliant XHTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. Optimized graphics & designed & implemented animation. SEO & tracking installation....see more details >>

Accordus Accordus

User Interface Designer of rich SaaS offering, and manager of corporate brand & website for a software start-up in San Francisco.

Utilized hand-coded HTML and CSS, plus JavaScript and Photoshop. Worked directly with back-end programmers in a JSP environment...more details >>

Full-time web developer for a natural products e-commerce site in Concord, MA.

Utilized hand-coded HTML & CSS plus JavaScript, Photoshop & Homesite in an ASP environment. Lead the Commercial Services B2B initiative....see more details >>

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